Growing your online presence isn’t as intuitive as you may think. Often times getting to the top pages or even top position is a difficult and costly path. This blog post is meant to give you a step-by-step instruction of how to build your domain and company reputation in the most cost effective way.

Step 1:

I talked a bit about cost, so let’s go over your options. You can create all of your citations, backlinks, keywords and website all on your own typically in the range of about $1000. This will give you a bit of authority when being indexed and overall keep you in control of your site. But this can be time constraining, especially if you are ready to go now. On average it takes around 6 months for a brand new site to start indexing on google or other search platforms. So if you think you’ll move up to the top just because you built some super cool site, you wont..Another option you have is hiring an SEO team to do the work. Companies like Media Grizzly provide packages, support, and website authority to build your companies reputation often times much faster than the 6 month average. SEO companies come at a price though, not because they wan’t to pinch you for every cent, but because they know the costs of growing your business. To break it down a bit further, each domain they own to build backlinks costs around 12 dollars a year and usually they own a thousand or more, citations can cost up to $30 each and you need in the realm of 100 linking to your site, website creation requires research, time, and content. So when you start adding everything together you can easily get to the $10000 plus range. But there are a lot of time advantages and this is usually on the higher end of a website build. On average Media Grizzly charges around $1000 dollars for a website build then ongoing SEO will add on those backlinks over time rather than an all at one price tag.

Step 2: Don’t be fooled

There are ways to cut costs if you do go down the SEO company route. For one, your Google My Business placement. This is that rectangular information box that pops up when you first look up a business on google. It is totally FREE! When an SEO company tries to charge you anything over $20 then you need to run. It’s as easy as setting up an email address so don’t get scammed. Secondly, already owning a domain will save you a lot of money. I recently came across a company that was trying to charge someone to buy a domain for $150 dollars a year, when you go onto godaddy or other domain sites it was for sale for $12 per year! That’s a huge mark-up. The bottom line is, before you talk to anyone do your research and make sure that whatever anyone says to you, you inquire about prices and take notes. There are a lot of scammy SEO companies out there who nickel and dime for everything, don’t be fooled.

Step 3: Build your website

Building your website can be challenging, but lucky for you there are a lot of website builders out there. WordPress is the most popular but we’ve seen a lot of traction with webflow, duda, and wix. These take a lot of stress out of building, and nearly all SEO companies will go with a builder. If someone advertises they hardcoded your entire website they’re with a 99% surety, lying. Not to say they don’t code parts, but it’s highly unlikely and completely unnecessary to do this on most websites. You can build your own, it is challenging, but if you’ve got the patience, then more power to you and congrats!

Step 4: Input content

Content is the most important aspect of your site. What you say matters to search engines so be very clear what you are trying to advertise. Typically speaking you want in the range of 1000 words on your front page, with trickled down amounts on back pages. Content needs to be key-worded, and by that I mean if you’re a plumber in Colorado, you would make sure that phrase is written several times throughout your page. Try to make it as local as possible to rank faster. If you were to input just plumber, you’re now competing with an entire country over a city for placement. It’s important to identify keywords and what people look for in your area to grow your business.

Step 5: Wait

Now comes the part that everyone hates- the waiting period. Like I mentioned earlier it can take months to build your ranking on google, remember to stay calm. It will happen as long as you follow good strategies and stay patient. Ask friends to write blogs about your company and write reviews. Get authority and take over the industry in your area!